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<< On trollkin, TRotsky said:
 > Trollkin are IMO handicapped trolls (premature births, actually) so far as
 Uz are concerned.
 Premature births? That could explain a lot. So the problem isn't the form
 of the child at all but its state of development: it might be fine if it
 could just stay put a bit longer. Is this the case, though? I thought
 trollkin were more likely to be multiple births than trolls, as well as
 being smaller? That would seem to indicate something more seriously wrong
 than an inability to carry to term.>>

     This is also true; trollkin are almost always multiple births whereas
dark trolls never are. Indeed, being part of a multiple birth seems to be one
of the definitions of 'trollkin' that the Uz themselves use. However, any

birth at less than 40 weeks gestation also counts as a trollkin (Uz Lore p17 &

<< A thought: that sounds rather similiar to the effects of modern fertility
drugs. Sextuplets, all undersized, that sort of thing. Has KL been cursed with
too much fertility, rather than too little? >>

     Not initially. Before Naxili Garang tried to break the Curse in 612,
trollkin were born singly so the multiple births thing isn't essential.
However, its worth noting that superior trollkin are apparently more likely to
be twins (as opposed to being part of larger litters) than the more typical
kind. So, while I doubt that the original Curse increased troll fecundity,
that could well be what Naxili Garang's failed HeroQuest did. Certainly there
are many more trollkin being born now than there were before she Quested!

<<> ... an 85 year old NPC with alzheimers & senile dementia borders on the
> tasteless.
Does it? It sounds merely realistic to me: well, if you think Gloranthans
living to 85 in any state of health is realistic.>>

     Although her exact age isn't stated, the NPC 'Grey Azdala' in the
Gaumata's Vision scenario is described as senile. Apparently, she is thought
of as "touched by the gods".

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