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Date: Thu 08 Jan 1998 - 09:11:02 EET

Greetings fellow Glorantha gamers.
I think it's time to throw in an idea or two in payment for the countles
ones I have ripped from the best and brightest of you. My campaign is an
idealistic attempt to capture the essence of Gregs Glorantha (My passion
for atleast 7 years) but it's quite possible most of you will come to see
me as compleatly apostate. More on this later...
I see most true Mostali as quite tragic figures. Those few who survived
the God's war have witnessed (more or less directly) the death of Mostal
and Stone. They had to live thru the countless aeions of Greater Darkness
seeing the world they were supposed to care for slowly disintegrate
further and further away from Mostal's designs. The lightbringers quest
changed the rules of the universe quite thoroughly, and propably made it
pretty depressing and painful for them with it's inherent enthropy.
  True Mostali don't have the solace of ignorace dwarfs have. They know
the world is propably changed beyond return, and that the dwarfs, their
children, are toiling endlessly for a project long rendered hopeless and
  Many True Mostali perished in the confusion of Dawning. While they are
much more sentient and free willed than dwarfs, they are also deeply=20
aligned and tuned to a spesific aspect of the old reality of Godtime
Mostal. When the universe was made anew by the Compromise their whole
perception of the world became warped, and they succumbed to confusion an=
dispair. Many Iron Mostali survived quite long, since they had been made
to be resilient in conflicting situations, and their normal warlike
behavior and demiod prowess made them rather difficult to destroy. Many
others retreated permanently into deep meditation, preserving their
knowledge of how the world was ment to be at the cost of their freedom to
act. (retreating to godplane, and enforcing the Mostali metaphysics with
their considerable willpower)
  Flintnail is one of the few non-warlike Mostali who survived. As a Rock
Mostali he had been deeply disturbed by the silence of Stone. He was
needed elsewhere when the Mostali attempted their Great Repair on the
Spike, and became deeply depressed after the following catastrophy. (the=20
destruction of the Spike, and everyone on and inside it)
  Flintnail would propably have just sat down and waited to die if it
wasn't for the dwarfs. The poor little things were pathetically brave and
loyal in their tasks, trustingly expecting instructions from Flintnail,
the only Mostali at the installation. Flintnail couldn't just tell them t=
lie down and wait for the end when the dwarfs seemed to be the only thin=
left of Mostal and his works. He cared for his dwarfs thru the timeless
aeions of Darkness, building a secure complex deeper and deeper into Ga,
where some fragment's of living Stone could still be found. Flintnail
enjoyed the bittersweet company of the comatose Stone and his serious but
content, simpleton dwarfs.
  Flintnail was wery surprised by the Dawning, but he wasn't driven
non functional by the warping of his senses. Stone's death had already
distorted his alignment with his element, and made him more independent,
if less sensitive. Flintnail gave instructions to his dwarfs to expand an=
strengthen the complex they had built, and left to find out what had
happened to the world. His dwarfs ofcourse didn=B4t let him leave without=
sizable portion of the settlements iron dwarfs and other armed maight.
  Flintnail wondered about the new world, and eventually ended up in the
outpost of Nida, where many of his kind had gathered. Unlike many=20
surviving Mostali he couldn't just try to return to that wich was, Stone
was still silent, and the works of Mostal seemed too far undone. There wa=
no going back, at least not stubbornly following the old plans and
refusing to admit the situation had changed.
  Flintnail gave the Nidans what advice and help he could and continued
his wondering. In the years to come he saw many things, but participated
little. Flintnail become more and more convinced that the plans of the
Decamony were outdated and hopeless, just something to cling to in the
face of despair. Flintnail lived for the moment and seeked fragments of
the old world to dwell in the memories. He tought about retreating to the
godplane as so many of his kind, but the dwarven pilgrims following him
always kept him from retreating compleatly from the world.
- -..
Hmm... getting a bit verbouse here. I'll continue on this later if
somebody is still interested, but at the moment other duties call *sigh*.

  *smile* This being my first post to the Digest I can propably use some
bandwidth on heroworship, and would like to thank and congratulate Greg o=
Glorantha. An epic creation, and one that has gained a life of its own.
May she newer die. Cheers.

        -Mikko Rintasaari, the Adept

I think I think... Therefore I think I am.

PS. Sorry for the linguistic torture. Readin my rusty english hurts even
me, but I don't have the time to comb this thru at the moment. Got to run.


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