Peoples of Glorantha would rock!

From: Pasanen Panu (
Date: Thu 08 Jan 1998 - 10:58:21 EET

 <drool> Questlines is, IMO the best fanzine thusfar on Glorantha,
 and it was quite much like PoG. Enclosure came close. I would propably
 buy two copies of PoG, if it ever will be published. </drool>

 The books would have to be filled with stuff that can be instantly
 used, instead of having the orlanthi subcults detailed once again.
 Like sticklepick for sartarites, bison quarterburgers for pavisites,
 kumish for praxians, hazia and "Moon Buns" for HappyPelorians.

 Oh, Moon Buns brought to my mind one thing... how come so few goddesses
 have average sexual activity on Glorantha? There are few old crones
 and Yelorna, then some very active ones like Uleria, Dendara, Ernalda
 and Hon-Eel (+Jar-Eel, my favorite). Ones in the middle are quite few,
 Hwarin Dalthippa, Eiritha, Red Goddess...

 Seems like mother/whore stereotypizing or at least in my eyes.

 Panu Pasanen.


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