troll twins

From: David Cake (
Date: Thu 08 Jan 1998 - 12:20:04 EET

> This is also true; trollkin are almost always multiple births whereas
>dark trolls never are. Indeed, being part of a multiple birth seems to be one
>of the definitions of 'trollkin' that the Uz themselves use.

        You've got it a little backwards - multiple births are always
trollkin BECAUSE multiple birth is part of the definition of trollkin.
Before the trollkin curse, multiple births where unusual but known (such as
Gore and Gash). After the trollkin curse (or more specifically, after
Naxili Gorangs failed attempt to break the curse), multiple births where
both very common and almost always trollkin - so it became customary to
consider multiple births as being trollkin.
        Of course, it is possible that true trolls that just happen to be
multiple births can be reclassified as trolls later - all they have to do
is meet the (more stringent) requirements for Kygor Litor initiation, and
they are then retrospectively classified as trolls.




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