Date: Thu 08 Jan 1998 - 15:43:36 EET

Peter Metcalfe:
>Perhaps you were thinking of Parg Ilsi? Let me correct you
>of your misapprehension. A lunar bureacract may go mad and
>_apparently_ cause massive social disruption far beyond that
>of any dissident. But because his illumination is completely
>in tune with the Sedenyic cycles, the negative effects will be
>transmuted by the checks and balances of the Lunar Empire to
>cause a far greater good to occur to those he has apparently
>harmed. As proof, take the land of Eol. As a result of Parg's
>ravages, do they call themselves the Once Cursed? No! They
>in fact consider the consequences of this event to be so
>fortitious as to change their name from Twice-Blessed to Thrice-
>Blessed! Even now as I speak, a similar transformation is
>occuring in Aggar.

     The people of Eol hate and curse the name Parg Ilsi. The
region became known as Thrice Blessed after Moonson became aware
of what was happening, got rid of Ilsi, and then cast additional
blessings on the area by way of compensation.

     The rest of the paragraph above is psycho-babble. A White
Moonie who believes in pacifism is a dissident, but an Illuminated
beaurocrat who believes the same thing isn't? You appear to be

losing track of my whole complaint here; that the Lunar authorities
don't crack down on every 'dissident' as soon as he turns up.
a) why bother if he's not causing trouble?

b) it violates the principle of Lunar Tolerance.
c) who has the manpower?
     I have no problem with the Empire supressing the White Moonies,
people who stage open revolts _are_ making trouble, and lot's of it.
But you make it sound like the entire Lunary beaurocracy has nothing
better to do with it's time. This is a true empire; lot's of
different philosophies are inherent in it's structure.

>Even you brought up the fact that the Empire duplicated the feat
>with the Moonburn on Rist. This sort of priestly magic is
>difficult to do because of the immense resources that are needed
>but.... ...the the Seven Year Buildup that the Carmanians used
>to prepare their Gods for the Battle of Dolebury,....

     Again, you appear to be losing track of the thread. The
Original Question was about massing Rune Magics for battle
field usage, not for one-time sorts of uses. The question was
more along the line of; how do the Crater Makers do their thing?
How do the priests of Yelm get together and cast regimental sized
Sun Spears? Etc. This is/was College of Magic type stuff.



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