Female Kralorelan leaders & East Isles ships

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> Also, can anyone give me the names of powerful females (past or present) in
> Jolar, Kralorela, Black Horse County, and among the Beastmen of DP and the
> Dwarves? Greg has already told me that there are no female leaders in
> Kralorela but a powerful priestess or somesuch will do

If a completely unoffical one will do, I wrote up an
equally unofficial description on an all-female army
unit in Kralorela some years ago and posted it to
the Digest. Its commander has the rank of an exarch
and is called the Hooded Exarch because she always
wears a hood to conceal her gender.

Peter M:

> >With only stone tools, the North
> >Arm peoples cannot build larger sized sea vessels. Without
> >the protection of a strong navy, they were an easy prey to
> >the recent Vorumai invasion.
> Polynesians can build catamarans that could sail the southern
> seas. And they weren't metal workers.

The North Arm peoples can sail long distances like the
polynesians, but in both cases the vessels are small,
even if they are seaworthy, and not suitable for a
military navy. Not to mention that the stone age
economy of the North Arm cannot support a navy.

But to clarify then, the North Arm ships can sail for
as long as the fresh water supply aboard allows. And
desalination magic is fairly common among the Islanders,
so I don't doubt they could sail to Luathela (if they

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