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Date: Fri 09 Jan 1998 - 02:37:44 EET

The Cam:

>Ok, folks. The Doraddi have now replaced the Zulu in my Civ 2 files. That
>leaves only 3 more spots. I'm thinking of putting in Fonrit, Vormain, and
>Umathela. What I need are the names of a famous male and female leader from
>each (the person doesn't have to actually have been a ruler, just someone in a
>position of power.) I also need their agressiveness, tendencies to either
>expand or develop what they have, and wether or not they tend to be warlike. I
>need a list of cities/oases/holy places, as well.


Leader: Garangorodos, Sister Philosopher.
Tendencies: Aggressive, Expansionistic.
Cities: Barueli, Bambara Maunde, Bogani, Bulili, Dindanko, Dunmanaba,
Ebbeshal, Faladje, Fanjosi, Garguna, Goan, Hombori Tondo, Jokotu, Kalabar,
Katele, Kemparana, Sarro, Tenenku, Tondiji, Yngortu, Zalasfran.


Leader: Reverend Mituba, Don't know.
Tendencies: Civilized, Rational
Cities: Don't know.


Leader: Don't know.
Tendencies: Aggressive, Militaristic.
Cities: Don't know.

>Also, can anyone give me the names of powerful females (past or present) in
>Jolar, Kralorela, Black Horse County, and among the Beastmen of DP and the
>Dwarves? Greg has already told me that there are no female leaders in
>Kralorela but a powerful priestess or somesuch will do (for instance, I have
>Lady Vega as the female for Sun County.)

Jolar: Aleshmara.

Kralorela: Allgiver.

Black Horse Country: Snowfly.

Beastmen: Lady of the Wild.

Dwarves: perhaps Chark the Liberator.

>Which brings me to my last question: I have Sun County of Prax in the game but
>what I need is the info for Sun County of DP (ok, so it's a statement...)

It has three phalanx units and is slightly larger than the Prax
Sun Dome Temple AFAIK.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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