Mostali Immortality

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Fri 09 Jan 1998 - 03:32:50 EET

David Cake:

> And as for dwarven immortality - I've always been a wee bit
>suspicious that there is slightly more to it. I think its quite possible
>that the Immortality that all non-apostate Mostali experience is quite
>possibly given a little magical helping hand, in the form of Immortality
>spells (the special requirement of the spell being strict adherence to the
>Mostali way, of course). The difference between apostasy and immortality
>then comes down to whether you are able to convince enough of those who
>know the Immortality techniques that you are OK, as long as you don't stray
>enough from the path that the spell is no longer castable.

Which would mean that an entire colony of mostali could do something
that would normally be considered apostate and be immortal. It would
also mean that individualists and openhandists in the Nidan Decamony
age as they are definitely not OK in Decamony eyes and would be
excluded from the immortality spells.

Rather I think the definition of apostacy is the fact that the dwarf
no longer believes in the world machine and thus cannot partake of
the sacred time rites that confers immortality on all. As well as
worshipping gods, learning human sorcery or spirit magic would also
prevent communion with the world machine and cause apostasy IMO.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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