Historic trivia turned Gloranthan trivia

From: Erik Sieurin (sieurin@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri 09 Jan 1998 - 16:28:51 EET

Nick Brooke talked about snippets from RW history usable as Gloranthan

Well, one of my loves are small trivial historical anecdotes, and
currently I remember one that might start a small campaign.

One of those Roman writers - think it was Tacitus or
Suetonius, cannot remember which one - who tried to
 amass as much discrediting stories about the Bad Emperors (Nero,
Caligula etc) told the following one:

The Bad Emperor in question exhausted his finances by his decadent
living, so regularly he had to auction
off valuable stuff that no longer amused him to get
money. At one of these occasions an old Senator
who sat in audience just to watch fell asleep, and on
the BE's orders the auctioneer counted every nod
from the poor old fart as a bid; when he woke up he
found he had bought a bunch of professional
gladiators for the price of about everything he owned.

Well, the historian never told us what happened to the Senator after
that, but if you want to play a swordyandsorcerous campaign in Lunar
Empire, the whole thing could start with such an event at a slave
auction - it need not be the Emperor who is in desperate need of cash.
Anyway, this cranky old rock-conservative suddenly has suddenly no
property to speak of to his name, except for a bunch of slave
gladiators (or other specialist slaves) - the PC's. For some reason he
cannot sell them off at any reasonable rate - perhaps he had to buy
them at ten times their market value. So what else to do than to start
renting them out to people who need armed men and women for rather
delicate missions? Just like any payshield campaign, with the
important exception that the PC's employer is constantly swaying
between the need for funds and his views on How to Do Things, which
are not necessarily practical in these circumstances - he might even
have Yelmic geases preventing him from letting his underlings do
certain things, since doing these things would make him a 'bad
leader', and Yelmics are supposed to be 'good leaders', though not
necessarily nice ones.

The PC's could come from anywhere, really. If you want to increase the
humorous aspect of the already somewhat absurd idea, each player has
to come up with a good reason why no one in his right mind would buy
his PC...

And remember that the Senator (or rather, his equivalent - any old
Yelmic gent will do) has ample reasons to hate the rich guy in the Bad
Emperor role - and so may the characters (he might not have been a
nice master, being based on Nero/Caligula and all). Voila - instant
Campaign Enemy!


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