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Date: Fri 09 Jan 1998 - 17:57:51 EET

> of Magic is like being in the Army. I think it's more like being in
> college, actually. You're working through a largely set and traditional
> course (though with opportunities to pursue your own special interests),
> having to pass various hurdles (exams, practicals, illuminations, etc.),
> impress tutors from sundry disciplines and backgrounds, make new friends,

 Hear, hear! I always figured it would be quite normal life, after all
 you don't become a Superhero by making 180 weeks worth of studies.

> comprehend... and, of course, serve your practical sabbatical year with
> the Army (from which the College receives some generous funding).

 This, IMG, is quite important thing, actually. If youre noble, then
 the army life is going to not just teach you stuff, but you might
 even make some friends, who in turn can help you out later, by
 giving letters of recommendation and fixing jobs in Red Army.
 Remember the Triarchs?

> cases of particular merit. They drop out for all kinds of reasons, too...
> drug-taking, failure at exams, caught breaking the rules, falling in love
> at an inconvenient moment, conscientious objection, joining a weird sect
> or heresy, crossing your tutor, criminal misbehaviour...

 Surely a generous stipend from the parents will sort things out.
 Besides, I had the impression that drugs are not persecuted very
 actively in Peloria. Opium to the masses, sort of.

> And when you're through at the Minor Classes, you'll graduate from the
> College and can look forward to a profitable career as an accredited
> Lunar Magus (perhaps working for the government, or for one of the noble
> houses or Satraps, or for a temple, or private employers, or on your own)
> Unless you remain (as a "post-graduate"), in the Major Classes, delving
> still deeper into the mysteries of Lunar Magic...

 I takes more than just reading books and skipping lectures to be a
 Magus! IMG at least. I had the Minor Class graduates be sorcerers,
 with their first bound familiar as a part of graduation requirement.
 Others are illumination and novice membership in a lunar cult, often
 Red Goddess. Major Classes make Magus/priests (and priestesses).

 Panu Pasanen, back from the dead!


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