RE: in defense of Gloranthan womanhood

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Sat 10 Jan 1998 - 00:29:41 EET

 Panu Pasanen wonders:
>how come so few goddesses have average sexual activity on Glorantha?
There are few old crones and Yelorna, then some
>very active ones like Uleria, Dendara, Ernalda and Hon-Eel (+Jar-Eel,
my favorite). Ones in the middle are quite few, Hwarin
>Dalthippa, Eiritha, Red Goddess...
        Pshaw. If we classify all the goddesses into three categories
re: sex life, we get ...

Celibate or repulsive: Gorgorma, Ty Kora Tek, Yanmorla, Voria, Jakaleel
the Witch, Teelo Norri, Maran Gor, Styx, Molanni, Ourania, Yelorna

Normal: Aranea, Asrelia, Inora, Kyger Litor, Malia, Allgiver, Arachne
Solara, Dendara (she is faithful to Yelm -- categorizing her as "very
active" is slanderous, IMO), Rice Mother, Aldrya, Babeester Gor, Earth

Witch, Gata, Glorantha, Murthdrya, Annilla, Deezola, Etyries, Hwarin
Dalthippa, Red Goddess, Yara Aranis, Brastalos, Framanthe, Mirintha,
Tholaina, Triolina, Aleshmara, Faranar, Keraun, Xentha, Xiola Umbar,
Chalana Arroy, Eiritha, Harana Ilor, Mahome,

Lax Morals: Seseine, Thed, Grain Goddesses, Mee Vorala, Hon-Eel, Mikyh,
Nyanka, Uleria, Ernalda

So there. And some of the ones in the first category are known to have
sex lives -- notably Gorgorma, Ty Kora Tek, Yanmorla, Styx, and Molanni
- -- it's just gross to think about. But no worse than thinking about
Zorak Zoran's sex life. I mean, geeze. Be fair Panu -- the facts don't
support you here.

David Cake
>multiple births are always trollkin BECAUSE multiple birth is part of
the definition of trollkin. Before the trollkin curse,
>multiple births were unusual but known (such as Gore and Gash). After
the trollkin curse (or more specifically, after Naxili
>Gorangs failed attempt to break the curse), multiple births where both
very common and almost always trollkin - so it
>became customary to consider multiple births as being trollkin.
        This is only partly true. Multiple births are considered
trollkin, it is true (though the rare twin trolls can usually attain
true trolldom upon reaching adulthood), BUT not all single births are
trolls!! Trolls are well-aware that it is possible for a trollkin to be
born without siblings. While this is unusual, it is a heck of a lot more
common than an uzko twin birth. So any runty single birth may well be
considered a trollkin.


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