Lunar Dogma

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Sat 10 Jan 1998 - 02:29:29 EET

Andrew Joelson:

> The people of Eol hate and curse the name Parg Ilsi. The
>region became known as Thrice Blessed after Moonson became aware
>of what was happening, got rid of Ilsi, and then cast additional
>blessings on the area by way of compensation.

But if the Lunar Way is correct in all particulars then it must
not be capable of doing horrible things. Thus the orthodox
illuminate explanation for the atrocities of Parg Ilsi is that
the Third Blessing started when Parg Ilsi gained control of the
area. If that sounds like pyscho-babble or spurious horsehit,
then the Red Moon examiners will say that you're obviously not
(orthodoxly) illuminated.

> The rest of the paragraph above is psycho-babble. A White
>Moonie who believes in pacifism is a dissident, but an Illuminated
>beaurocrat who believes the same thing isn't?

Since when did the illuminated bureaucract become a pacifist? I
understood your original example to refer to a bureacract who
has gone rogue (like Parg Ilsi) while being an orthodox lunar.
A bureacract who had become illuminated through unorthodox
doctrines (such as the White Moon) would still be a dissident.

>You appear to be
>losing track of my whole complaint here; that the Lunar authorities
>don't crack down on every 'dissident' as soon as he turns up.

I did not dispute the original paragraph in which this complaint was
stated because it was not my intention to suggest the above.

Me>>Even you brought up the fact that the Empire duplicated the feat
>>with the Moonburn on Rist. This sort of priestly magic is
>>difficult to do because of the immense resources that are needed
>>but.... ...the the Seven Year Buildup that the Carmanians used
>>to prepare their Gods for the Battle of Dolebury,....

> Again, you appear to be losing track of the thread. The
>Original Question was about massing Rune Magics for battle
>field usage, not for one-time sorts of uses.

No it wasn't. The question was whether the Skyburn was an
example of combined rune magic use. I answered the question
correctly. You said the answer was wrong because the Lunars
didn't cast the Skyburn spell but added they did cast something
similar. I pointed out that the original question had nothing
to do with the Lunars. You then attempted to swap the
definitions around not noticing that this would have made part
of your original interjection wrong (ie the Moonburn was a
better example of combined rune magic use). Who, praytell,
is losing the track of the thread?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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