Re: Cataphracts

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Sat 10 Jan 1998 - 14:22:05 EET

Loren asked me off-line what a Cataphract was, and I did some digging.
In case it's useful to anyone else, here's my posts to him. For those
wondering what this is all about, we're using ancient middle-eastern
cataphracts rather than mediaeval knights as our model for Carmanian
heavy cavalry, to keep the "Bronze Age" feel of Glorantha (and, more
particularly, my own "Persian Empire" flavour for Carmania), and to
avoid having *yet another* cod-mediaeval, knights-in-shining-armour,
kings-with-spiky-crowns, wizards-in-pointy-hats country impinging on
our collective gaming fun and frolics. (Want kings, dukes and barons,
knights, wizards and priests? There's other places you can find 'em.
Here, we've got Shahs, Satraps and Sirdars, Hazars, Viziers and Magi.
And you can game "in translation", if you don't like local colour...).

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