The Cart Driver

From: Pasanen Panu (
Date: Sat 10 Jan 1998 - 15:36:09 EET

 After recently having seen the Taxi Driver movie, a scenario idea
 struck me. This works best at Darjiin/Alkothi environment. The PC's
 could be high-moralistic working class members from Ulifilas, and
 launch the action, or got involved somehow else...

 A quite young man is driven away from his hometown because of his
 black moods (somekind of mental illness or possession), and goes
 to Darjiin to work as a Cart-puller. (Don't really know if there
 really are those, just assuming.) He sees all kinds of shit around
 him, people taking drugs, cops taking bribes, whores, cutthroats,
 people who don't care about anyone, no trust or smile anywhere.

 He manages to get to know someone with close relations to a
 politician, who is working to get a post as police's supervisor.
 This politician promises the higher-class people a way out of the
 scum of the streets, by raising taxes from the unemployed and
 generally, by driving the worse-off folks to the corner. Police
 force would also be increased (maybe the politician is from
 Ulifilas, too.) The young man gets to talk to the politician
 as he is taking a drive, and he finds out that politicians
 target is primarily money, and cleaning the dirt out of the
 street would just be a side-effect.

 Young man (Travis, if you like) gets sick. He can't live no more,
 when the whole town is making sin against Yelm the Emperor. He
 decides (or maybe he is possessed) that Shargash needs to purify
 the earth, wash it with blood and sanctify it with ashes and death.
 Travis leaves in a moment from the Deezola's temple and takes off
 to Alkoth, to pound the Drum of Doom. For added excitement, a
 nurse has heard Travis speaking while in his feverish fits about
 what he plans to do, but dismissed 'em as just nightmares. When
 Travis went, he maybe left a note, or said something to a guard,
 about 'Bringing Cleanser and Justice.'

 Nurse talks to his/her priest(ess), who realizes what the lad is
 about to do (his state was really bad, and she believes that in
 his insanity Travis might pound the drum.) Priest(ess) tells about
 this to the beforementioned politician, who then launchs a hurried
 chase to stop this mass-murder from happening. Populace does not
 need to know, he thinks, especially as election is coming. Or
 he wants to save his deed as a last card to play. (Or if people
 do not get to vote, maybe he wants to impress the council with it.)

 There is no fixed end for this. Maybe the lad is killed on the way,
 and his relatives in Ulifilas sue the politician. Maybe Drum starts
 to sound the music of death over Alkoth, and Darjiin will be put to
 the fire (unless Red Army prevents this.) For those, who are interested
 in politics of the Empire, feel free to abuse this.

 Panu Pasanen.


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