Do goddesses have a sexlife?

From: Sergio Mascarenhas (
Date: Sat 10 Jan 1998 - 18:18:37 EET

> Pshaw. If we classify all the goddesses into three categories
> re: sex life, we get ...
> (...) Dendara (she is faithful to Yelm -- categorizing her
> as "very active" is slanderous, IMO (...)

Are you saying Yelm is not able to keep up to his duties?

> Lax Morals: (...) , Grain Goddesses, (...), Uleria, Ernalda

What do you mean by 'lax morals'? What does having a very active sex life
with 'morals', specialy if 'lax'? Since the three goddesses above are among
the most popular in Orlanthi lands, are you implying Orlanthi have 'lax
morals'? Why not the opposite: these godesses mark the standard of a helthy
sex life, the others representing odd or sorrowfull cases?

This remembers me of a RW situation that happened in Portugal some years
ago during a debate on abortion on our Parliament. A middle-aged,
right-wing, chatolic and male deputy said something about sex life having a
single purpose: procriation. A left-wing, middle-aged, female deputy
repplied: 'since you have only one children, may we infer you only had sex
once in your life?'. You can imagine why he became the joke of the



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