Bear Neccesities

From: Andrew Behan (
Date: Sat 10 Jan 1998 - 20:20:19 EET

Peter Metcalfe:
> Arira is a girls goddess for Dara Happa and the Oronin Valley and
> has no ursine connections.

OK, but is she associated with Arir in the same way Naveria is associated
with Naveria? If she is, that is enough for me to see her as being
connected with bears. Ariran girls are called bears. Little girls had a
special place in the RW Greek bear cults AFAIK, the Brauronian
(sp?) rites and all that. _I am making this up_,though I can see why
others might cry "Rubbish!" If Arir is a late name applied by
outsiders, I would consider that a compelling argument against Arira being
the name of an Ariran goddess.

> Despite Orogeria's extensive connections with Arir, the placename appears
> to have been applied by outsiders*.

No offence, but I don't quite follow. What is Orogeria's connection with the
name "Arir"as opposed to the place. If Arir is a late name applied by
outsiders, I would consider that a compelling argument against.

Peter suggests that ErtelEnari, not Arira, plays the role of the virgin
luring a mighty bear

That's what I thought to, but as Steve Marsh pointed out on the digest
(gd5_152 afaik) Arakang is Ariran and ErtelEnari is Pelandan. The myth
I'm trying to flesh out dates from the Bleak Time, (and assuming
Prosimius's gloss that the two cults didn't meet until Khorzanelm's time
is correct) she can't have been the original protagonist. Though her
assumption of the role might explain "the meeting of the bruin deities".

As far as I'm concerned the story is more important than the name of the
protagonist. (This is background to some stuff I'm doing about how the
Lunars married in the Urdaddings a Brolian/Anadiki bear clan.)

BTW thank you very much for sharing your erudition with us Peter, it is
always appreciated.
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