Earth Goddesses

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Date: Sat 10 Jan 1998 - 22:22:56 EET

Peter Metcalfe
>All good crones have children; Aleshmara and Faranar, Asrelia and
>Maran & Ernalda. Thus they must have been sexually active in the past.

So, Peter, you don't believe that Asrelia bore Maran and Ernalda without
any need for a mate? For Shame! :)

Seriously, however, there are a few indications that Asrelia did have a
secual life -- one old source mentions her child Vara-Nalis by a husband
Hara-Ythor (or something like that).

I understand that Sandy was not trying to be all-inclusive in his
listings, but it seems he left out two important goddesses: Asrelia
(Normal Sexual Activity) and Oria (very Lax Morals, at least from a
normal Orlanthi standpoint).

Stephen Martin
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