Re: Telmoria, Panu's hang-ups

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Sun 11 Jan 1998 - 01:18:16 EET

Telmori Thomas asks:

> I know that I once read about the land Telmoria but now I can't find
> it. Where is it or where was it and where have I read of it ?

Shame on you!

The modern "Telmoria" is a rather backward part of north Ralios. You'll
have read about it in the Genertela Book, p.74. The index to GB is a
useful thing to have handy, if you're trying to look up any part of the
world where you remember the name but not the location or context.

In olden days, "Telmoria" probably straddled both sides of the Nidan Mts.=

(in both Ralios and Fronela), centring on the High Llama Pass (which I
still fervently believe used to be called the Wolves' Pass).

Panu reveals his hang-ups:

> Of this normal group I would remove Asrelia (she has never been young,
> AFAIK.),

"Asrelia is the name of the young goddess who walked the earth in its
young days... She was beautiful and friendly, and received many gifts."
Wyrms Footprints p.51

"When Asrelia was a young goddess, she was called Spring's Handmaiden".
Wyrms Footprints p.53.

> Arachne Solara (who can tell),

"She wrapped the chaos god in her legs and her web, and with every
orifice she sucked everything out of the Devil and filled herself with
it." King of Sartar p.88. Ever hear how spiders make love? Note that
she subsequently gives birth to their child, Time.

> Babesteer Gor,

"Although young, she is no virgin, for her deeds would be too awful to
do alone. Her husbands or lovers vary, and there are some children as
well." Wyrms Footprints p.52.

> Yara Aranis...

I'm sure she has a sex life. You just don't want to know the details:
they're an initiatory secret of the Reaching Moon Temple. But with all
those hands... ooohhhh boy!

Re: the Lunar College of Magic:

Yes, when the Empire was young, its keenest sons and daughters would
flock to the College, striving to learn the New Mysteries so they could
bring about the New Cosmos of the Red Goddess more speedily.

Nowadays the Empire is bloated and decadent. I don't believe the average
scion of its wealthy, decadent and inward-looking upper classes is
particularly motivated to study hard and improve himself for the good of

all. YGMV, but if I was at the College and I saw a way out of my
sabbatical year, I'd jump at it!

Note that that year is spent providing magical support to the Army, not
carrying a tent, spear and shovel and learning how to fight.



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