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Date: Sun 11 Jan 1998 - 04:09:58 EET

Thomas Gottschall
>The GoG write-up of Hykim & Mikyh give some example of transform
>spells. Among these are two Telmori ones. Both of them can't be cast on
>certain moon phases. Yet Dorastor containing a far more complete Telmor
>write-up doesn't mention a word on these. I would like what most of you
>people believe is to be true.

I think I addressed this point a couple of months ago.

In the write-up which I sent to Ken Rolston for Dorastor: Land of Doom,
the use restrictions were part of the write-up. These were dropped by
Ken, I believe for space reasons.

When working on Lords of Terror, I wanted to add these back in, but again
they were cut, and again I think it was for space reasons.

In The Book of Drastic Resolutions, Volume Chaos, I provided this
information on the use restrictions of these spells.

I note that the original Telmor cult write-up, in Heroes #4, by Sandy
Petersen, did have the use restrictions. And I know Greg did not say to
take them out. Thus, I would suggest that these limitations on casting
the spells be taken as still being official.

>>Tendencies: Aggressive, Militaristic.

>>I would have thought that the Vormaini would have "Isolationism" as a
>>tendency, given their long history of of this practice.

>I wholeheartedly agree, but it's not a trait in CivII.

Ah, my unfamiliarity with the game is the culprit, then. There is no
other trait available which is even close, eh? Too bad.

Gloranthan Goddesses
I swear, I looked at Sandy's list _twice_ and somehow missed Asrelia on
it both times. Sorry!

Stephen Martin
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