GloranthaCon Down Under 2 is coming

From: Hugh McVicker (
Date: Sun 11 Jan 1998 - 03:47:34 EET


Yes, GloranthaCon Down Under 2 is winging it's way to
Melbourne This Australia Day Weekend (which coincides
with the weekend of the SuperBowl for U.S. Types)

24th-26th January 1998

What have you got I hear you ask?

We got

Call of Cthulhu
Gloranthan based CyberPunk (I kid you not!)
Freeforms / LARPs
Storytelling (so put the finishing touches on those tales)
Live Action Trollball
Rarities Auction
Mythos Tournament
and Much More

With Guest of Honour

Sandy Petersen

Fount of Gloranthan Knowledge, Revealer of the Mysteries of Sorcery

And a swag of other Gloranthan Luminaries (no pun intended)

If you were at the last RQ Con in Bayswater then you know what fun it
but this it's all being held in the heart of Melbourne at The University
Melbourne.This time there are Twenty two pubs within a kilometer and a
of the Old Physics building venue including one straight over the

The opening festivities will commence with a barbeque on the banks of
picturesque Yarra Yarra river on Friday evening. We will be cooking up a
storm (an old Orlanthi tradition) at the BBQ closest to Anderson street
Bridge from 6.30 onwards.

On current registrations out of town types are out numbering the locals
come on Melbournians, get your entries in quick smart.

You can see the complete entry form at

or if you don't have web access drop me a line and we'll work something

You can enter by email to me and finance can be sorted out at the con as
it's important to find out who is playing in the big freeform / LARP
as soon as possible.

Once again the details

GloranthaCon Down Under 2

24-26 January 1998

Old Physics Building
University of Melbourne
Swanston St

web page

email for information

Thank You,
        See you at the BBQ,

        Hugh McVicker

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