Questlines II - Another Gloranthan Journeybook

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Date: Sun 11 Jan 1998 - 07:28:34 EET

G'day all,

Questlines II - Another Gloranthan Journeybook

Questlines II is the fundraiser book for GloranthaCon Down Under (January
1998). All proceeds from the book will assist in staging the con,
including covering airfares and travel expenses for the convention special

Editor MOB has brought together the best Gloranthan material from around
the world to make this 92 pages no Glorantha fan can afford to miss!

Contents include:

  * Illuminating Seminar Transcripts from RQ Con Down Under:
- The Lore Auction
- Nick Brooke's Cultural Exchange
- Greg Stafford's Address ("The Life and Death of the Red Goddess")
- HeroQuesting

  * The Secret History of Sun County
- Jane Williams delves into the *real* story of Count Solanthos's
       rise to power.

  * Men in Blue
- Eric Sieurin reveals the true secret masters of
       Glorantha (including a fabulous piss-take of the original
       "Men in Black" movie poster by Mark Baldwin!)

  * The Eye of Wakboth
- More conspiracy theories from Michael Raaterova

  * The Annual Dinner
- CV Gidlow introduces us to life in the Lunar Colleges of Magic

  * MGF
- The Maximum Game Fun rules system (and character sheet!)

  * The Knowing God of Far Point
- Michael Raaterova's presents a very different version of
       Lhankor Mhy for the Far Point campaign (intorduced in
       Questlines I)

  * Measuring the Block
- Owen Jones shows us mathematics Gloranthan style.

  * Happy Little Elves
- Mike Dickison shows they ain't just skinny environmentalists
       pointy ears.

  * The Clanking City
- Peter Metcalfe's amazing homage to Dr Strangelove, Stanley
       Kubrick, The Prisoner, HG Wells and more!

  * The Fortunate Strangulations
- Nasty goings-on in Fonrit by Simon Bray

- -..Also features fiction by MOB, two Home of the Bold stories, new
Trickster spells, Uz Rumours, lavish illustrations by Mark Baldwin and Brad
Ellis, and lots, lots more!

Questlines II will be available for sale at $18.00 at Glorantha Con Down
Under (Jan 24-26th), and from your local Reaching Moon Megacorp rep shortly

Glorantha Con Down Under
Jan 24-26th, Melbourne University, Melbourne, Victoria Australia.

The con is fast approaching, and the organisers tell me that places are
still available in *all* events, including "Life of Moonson" and "Fall of
the House of Malan".

Don't forget, this time it's taking place in the centre of town, 35 seconds
away from the nearest pub and with *significantly larger* chairs than the
last venue!

If you've got an entry form, get it in now! If you haven't, and want to
find out more, visit the Glorantha Con Down Under web page at:

Hope to see as many of you there as poss!



>From the "Notes from Nochet" files:

[XXIX.pvs235/431] Obscenity protects against demons: I once paid a Riddler
to explain why; he took my money, viley insulted me, and vanished.

  48 Fitzgibbon Street, Parkville VIC 3052, Australia
  <> <>
  MOB's Glorantha Page:


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