Minor Classes

From: David Cheng (cheng@global2000.net)
Date: Sun 11 Jan 1998 - 09:34:26 EET

Kudos to Nick, et al, for their recent embellishments about the Lunar
College of Magic.

All us devoted _Dragon Pass_ players know that the Minor Class magicians
have a measly "1" combat factor. Now, they are never (well, unless you're
foolish or outmaneuvered) marched up to the front lines to be killed in
melee, but they are still the best pickings for the Sylph spirit of the
Wind Children.

It will now bring me extra satisfaction knowing that when I send the Sylphs
down upon some LCM Minor Class units, I am crushing the life out of some
decadent, drugged-out, pseudo-intellectual, silver-spoon Lunar noble kids.

I'm psyched! Who wants to play?!?

- -DC


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