Ubermensch = durulz

From: Pasanen Panu (passo@students.cc.tut.fi)
Date: Sun 11 Jan 1998 - 14:31:57 EET

 Peter Metcalfe:

> > would solve the problem of lacking handicapped people, though I doubt it.
> > I believe that the problem lies within authors, who rarely create
> > other kinds of characters than average white males/females. Same thing
> > as putting Agimori to Pamaltela..
> Erm, there are men-and-a-half in prax whereas the praxians themselves
> are hardly Nordic Uebermensch. Not to mention all the nonhumans...

 Yes, there are some men-and-a-half in Prax. Most Agimori are in
 Pamaltela, though. Non-humans are also 'put away' when considered
 from certain POV: they live in dense forests, under mountains and
 in dark hills and mountainsides, for the three major races.
 Draconians live in their obscure cities. Ducks in their swamps.
 Baboons at plains, etc.

 Some villages might pass for a Middle-Aged European village...
 I would just love it, if the Only Old One still ruled Kethaela,
 with all those Argan Argari scuttling about in their businesses.

 IMG I tried to slowly involve PC's in his resurrection, but we
 never got that far.

 That's why I also love Duck Point. Having the little mean-tempered
 quackers spices up the place tremendously.

 Panu Pasanen.


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