Student Life

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Sun 11 Jan 1998 - 17:56:00 EET

>Oh, and I agree completely that LCM graduates in the Minor Classes are,
>skillwise, tough magical hombres -- perhaps equivalent to a just-made
>adept sorcerer, shaman with fetch, or newly-ordained Rune Priest. I was
>looking at their lifestyle, not the content of their magical training.

And, probably, they are one of the above-mentioned kinds of magician. Just
which kind?

>I'm just building a "feel" of student life at the
>Lunar College, trying to show you what part it can play in your games
>(other than the "He casts a red fireball at you: roll Dodge" sense),
>and how it can enrich other parts of the world than the Magic rules.

And read a bit of "Notre Dame de Paris" or a couple of history books to get
a hang of _real_ student life. Those kids at the Sorbonne did things that
made the 1968 generation look like feeble pacifists. The term "bohemien" was
formed for the students from the east (i.e. Germany, at that time ruled by a
bohemian emperor).

Of course, they also had their small street-wars between different
nationalities, all the time striving to become christian priests...


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