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I mentioned them in one of my ignored Gloranthan warfare posts.

The classic cataphracts came when Alexander's successors found how rich were
their countries and began up-armouring their companions. They were soon the
rage among anyone rich enough to afford all that metal.

That happened also among the Carmanians, once they controlled the Brass
Mountains, and evolved from the mad charge of the westerners to a bunch of
oligarchs more interested in surviving battles with the best armour they can
buy, while charging at the trot with buddies all around.

And Loren, secondary means the weapon you use when you drop your lance, not
something you carry in the left hand while you charge. This fellows used
both hands to hold the lance, as crashing against people when you lack
stirrups is a bit unbalancing.

The most famous cataphracts are the byzantine Kataphraktoi, who evolved from
these antecedents, but carried bow, shield, and sometimes even darts. And
fortunately for them, stirrups.

I suppose the "old style cataphracts" remain as feudal militia in Carmania,
and represent the Hazars not constantly involved in warfare. The
professional regiments and military units will be closer to the byzantine
evolution, with a great variety of secondary weapons.

The biggest difference in military effect between cataphracts and knights is
that cataphracts charged as a body, trotting, while knights charged as an
uncontrolled galloping mass. Cataphracts were less vulnerable to
projectiles, disorganization and surprises, while the knights struck harder.

The byzantines charged more slowly than knights because they shot while
they charged. Many times it would be just a feint.

Nice spell, however. How many first rankers will get to reuse it?

And now for the sex content,

Passu said

> Zorak Zoran's sex life would be quite normal,
> I believe. Uz do revere females...

Who said there were females in ZZs sex life? At least living, uz ones.
[rest of transmission censored]


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