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>From: Nick Brooke <>
>Subject: Re: Cataphracts
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>A "Cataphract" is (as far as my meagre knowledge goes) essentially a
>knight in metal armour riding on a horse with metal barding, but turning
>up in the ancient world and not the middle ages. The Sassanid Persians
>used them. Wargamers use them lots. Me, I see them in books...

Couple of key provisions seem to be:

1. full envelopment in flexible armors, such as scale, chain, lamellar, or
   combinations thereof, a hooded (with chain or scale...) skull-cap or other
   partial helmit, and lack of shield.

2. very close order formation.

3. attack at a trot, rather than a charge (I am less sure of this)

4. sometimes were equipped with bows

>Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 18:27:39 +0200 (EET)
>From: Pasanen Panu <>
>Subject: Gloranthan female gods, College of Magic
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> images for Issaries Inc. Zorak Zoran's sex life would be quite normal,
> I believe. Uz do revere females...

What makes you think ZZ is straight?

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