Howl at the Moon

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Date: Sun 11 Jan 1998 - 19:45:18 EET

Thomas asks
>The GoG write-up of Hykim & Mikyh give some example of transform spells.
>Among these are two Telmori ones. Both of them can't be cast on certain
>moon phases. Yet Dorastor containing a far more complete Telmor write-up
>doesn't mention a word on these. I would like what most of you people
>believe is to be true.


Stephen's answes notwithstanding, To have Telmor's magic linked to
phases of the Red Moon begs the question what happened prior to the Red
Godess taking her place in the heavens?

The answer may lie with Stephens mooted "Changed Ones" tribe, giving us
"Pure Ones" - Change only via Telmori Divine Magic, no limits as to when
it can be cast
"Cursed Ones" - Involuntary change (on Wildday) or via Telmori Divine
Magic (no limits as to when it can be cast, though the involuntary
change may automatically 'cast' any such spells the Telmori has,
requiring them to be resacrificed for?)
"Changed Ones" - 6/7 of tribe, Change only via Telmori Divine Magic, but
limited as to when it can be cast by the phases of the moon.
               - 1/7 of tribe (Werewolves) - Involuntary change (on
Wildday), Voluntary change (at will)

Since the "Changed Ones" - at least in Dragon Pass - are apparantly the
result of HeroQuesting by Ostling Four-Wolf &/or Sartar, and thus after
the ascenscion of the Red Moon, there is no reason why she should not
have some effect on their magic - opinions as to why she should will
obviously vary depending on who you ask!

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