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Steve Lieb's story was certainly different...

Pasanen Panu wrote

> I would just love it, if the Only Old One still ruled Kethaela,
> with all those Argan Argari scuttling about in their businesses.

Then I'd suggest setting your campaign early in the Third Age (the OOO has
been there much longer, of course, but we know less about the earlier

Joerg wrote

> In Greg's "Horses of Genertela" no horse-drawn plows are mentioned, although
> the Galana hill pony (only) is said to have been used for work

"Work" could simply be pulling carts. It seems pretty certain that horses
aren't used for plowing in Third Age Sartar -- whether this is because
horse's are a noble's animals, or because the horse collar hasn't been
invented, I'm not sure. (Probably both.)

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