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Date: Mon 12 Jan 1998 - 05:18:26 EET

>See you at the BBQ,

Gee, is a BBQ anything at all like a LBQ?


>Btw, I still need leader names as well as cities to fully implement it.

Per the Oceans Book, the imperial capital of Vormain is on the isle named
Belgeng. The name of the city is not given. The Most Grand Diamond and

Sky Temple to Tsankth is on the island of Ghenisk at the pirate port of
Nobub. Other important islands are Chadau, Glugel, Heicidik (which is
where the nonhuman race of Quombs comes from), Oushikz, Shenzha,
Slabomili, and Worcha (though Heicidik and Worcha are not Recognized
Isles, which means the Emperor of Vormain does not officially include
them as part of Vormain proper). Only ships from Recognized Isles are
allowed to dock at Belgeng, Chadau, and Ghenisk -- others must stop at
one of the Recognized Isles.

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