From: Scott Haney (scotty@olivia.cedar-rapids.ia.us)
Date: Sun 11 Jan 1998 - 23:22:00 EET

I'm pretty sure that Isidilian is not Flintnail, although
I think that I. was in fact acquainted with Pavis. The part
that bugs me about it is this "half-dwarf" thing, which strikes
me as a) a DnD-ism and b) not seeming right for the way dwarves
are described in most sources. I mean, given how uptight dwarves
seem to be about making new dwarves[1], a dwarf willing to procreate
with a human would not just have to be apostate, but completely
insane. It doesn't work for me.

But it occurred to me while reading all the neat stuff on Flintnail that
there's another possibility: that the supposed half-dwarf was
actually a full dwarf of the Rock cast, made to Isidilian's
specifcations and orders to look just like a human. This dwarf was
a special, one-off model that could perform certain tasks without
becoming apostate. I haven't figured out yet why Isidilian would
do this, though, or what purpose it would serve.

Now, all I need is a clever way to get rid of that annoying
"part-elf" deal.

Scotty, Baron Von Moosehsunchen

[1] Maybe dwarf babies look like Smurfs. That would do it.
[2] Special Secret not known by dwarves: ALL dwarves are
    "broken," not just the apostate ones.

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