Lunar College of Magic (a fairly shameless plug)

From: Michael O'Brien (
Date: Mon 12 Jan 1998 - 09:38:02 EET

Dave Cheng writes:

>Kudos to Nick, et al, for their recent embellishments about the Lunar
>College of Magic.

And for about the Lunar Colleges of Magic (shameless plug), check out CV
Gidlow's illuminating article "The Annual Dinner" in QUESTLINES II, the
Glorantha Con Down Under fund-raiser.

Available for A$18.00 at Glorantha Con Down Under (24-26th Jan, Melbourne
University, VIC Australia) or from your local Reaching Moon rep shortly



PS To find out more about the alarmingly-imminent Glorantha Con Down Under,
visit the website at:

>From the 'Notes from Nochet' files:

[XXIX.12-29] Shall my beard grow to my navel while I ponder this question?:
What does it mean when a man, unearthing an ancient urn, buries his
drinking flask?

  48 Fitzgibbon Street, Parkville VIC 3052, Australia
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  MOB's Glorantha Page:


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