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I loved the recent discussion on tribes and clans and lineages and lunar
names, etc etc etc etc, and it prompted a few ideas on Carmanian noble
houses. Here is the first result. One of the initial questions I had to ask
was this. Will I keep the House as the inclusive measurement, and have a
House contain many lineages? Or, will I have the Clan as the inclusive
measurement, and include many Houses within a Clan? I have chosen the
second. This will require some changes in my other Carmanian material.

The Clans

The clans and their populations according to the tax census of 1610, which
is also used to apportion votes in the Young Council (so presumably it is
accurate), are as follows. Note that each clan other than the Magi will
also be broken up by house, into somewhere between 3 and 30 houses.

   1.Halai 15,352
   2.Milauz 13,596
   3.Peg 12,054
   4.Gidzy 10,861
   5.Alon 9,649
   6.Graunzadai 8,487
   7.Sharpan 7,840
   8.Peroona 6,494
   9.Azpaug 6,395
  10.Khooptsyv 6,178
  11.Sarat 6,109
  12.Vitsy 5,170
  13.Persh 4,711
  14.Jironder 4,082
  15.Tsatjy 3,972
  16.Aran 3,688
  17.Pysus 3,212
  18.Petun 2,390
  19.Tylo 2,107
  20.Prash 1,775
  21.Koopats 1,231
  22.Destryno 1,158
  23.Anikh 873
  24.Vor 725
  25.Daurmast 478
  26.Azauvik 289
  27.Magi 100

Note for the "House Zemady" campaign that the Zemady are a lineage of Clan
Tsatjy, which was for a short while Satrap Kaufan's Clan. Their enemies
the House Zotelkadzy are a lineage of Clan Peroona.

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