Carmanian beasties

Date: Tue 13 Jan 1998 - 01:04:34 EET


<<Leopard -> Wolf
    Dog -> Wolf>>

    Hmm, needs more variety. I think the leopard should be replaced by some
kind of cat. Puma-cougar-mountain lions are an obvious choice, but they live
in America, and Loren was after European beasts. The lynx seems perfect to me
- - they used to live throughout Europe and Siberia and are just as happy in
cold coniferous forests as in the dry scrub of Portugal and Spain.

     Another animal that might live in Carmania is the wolverine, although
arguably it is a bit too warm. Even if it is, the Carmanians probably know of
them from contact with Erigia and the Grey Mountains region.
      I think its also worth noting that, according to the Glorantha Bestiary,
sabre-tooth tigers, alynxes and rubble runners are all known in Carmania.

<<Note that we still have to work with Gloranthan zoology, which retains quite
a few animals that died off in earth's last ice age and before.>>

      Nothing particularly springs to mind aside from the sabre-tooth tigers
already mentioned, plus cave lions and some types of bear and deer. There
might be woolly rhinos to the north, though.

 <<Griffin becomes a creature with a lion's body and an owl's head and wings.
It will also fly silently and hunt by night. If we go by the RQ version of
griffin, which the assyrians called the lion-dragon, then it would also have
an owl's or falcon's claws for rear feet.>>

     Personally, I'd favour the first, specifically because it *doesn't* look
like a RQ griffin. It also looks more authentically Assyrian.

<<Owlbear, with or without wings>>

     'With', or it'll look like the DnD monster :-(. You could, however, make
a wingless owllynx, which would look more distinctive.

Forward the glorious Red Army!


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