Colleges of Magic: Ritual Magics

From: Owen Jones (
Date: Tue 13 Jan 1998 - 03:21:54 EET

Have been thinking about some ritual magic close (if not dear) to the
heart of your average overworked Lunar college mathemagician.


A six month ritual is required for this spell, and even then it only has a
20% chance of succeeding. The main content of the ritual is the
preparation of a convincing hymn of praise for every Lunar magician
working in your field, irrespective of how outlandish their beliefs.
Omission of a single colleague not only guarantees the spell will fail, but
that you will be teaching first year classes for the next ten years.

If you are successful (roll a die to check success) then you receive a
grant, but must also take a geas. The grant invariably takes the form of a
large supply of one use magic points, which must be spent according to a
budget prepared as part of the ritual. Of course, none of these magic
points may be used for personal gain, or indeed for anything directly
useful. The associated geas always varies, but is generally along the
lines of "never buy a new tweed jacket", "always wear socks with sandals",
"affect an outlandish foreign custom" or "only wash on Sundays".

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