Carmanian monsters

From: David Cake (
Date: Tue 13 Jan 1998 - 09:36:14 EET

In Lorens rather glorious article about the monsters of Carmania he
mentioned the
>Pikemen, swim out of the lake, covered with pike scales, with sharp teeth
>and big mouths like a huge pike, are cannibals, and love to eat the

        Which could well be one of the species of Pelandan Blue Men,
perhaps the DediVakuRu, the watery blue men, who live underwater. They
worship their hideous cannibal god Yargan.

>Owlbear, with or without wings

        I find it fascinating that a creature I found so curious and
ridiculous as a D&D classic should suddenly be seen as completely natural
for a Carmanian horror. Context makes all the difference.




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