Horrifying Troll Sexual Acts (HoTSA!)

From: James Frusetta (gerakkag@wam.umd.edu)
Date: Tue 13 Jan 1998 - 22:16:00 EET

While there probably are some ZZ bands that engage in HoTSA, I'd be
surprised if it was the norm -- after all, most ZZites do retain that link
to Kyger Litor, and I'd imagine that the local Chief Mom would do some
head-smacking once she found out the goings on.

Not that I doubt most hoomans (and some trolls) think that ZZites do such
things, however. In fact, if I was a Death Lord I'd encourage it! Sit
around in Gimpys and tell stories and jokes sure to horrify any hooman
listeners ("...but Korgor forgot the duck tape, and the quacker exploded!"
"Hur, hur, hur!") Hopefully, next time you're in the Rubble and you run
across some hooman adventurers, they'll drop their bags of loot and run
in terror. :) Plus, you can gross out them pansy Sunboys and Hoomakti
("Hey, death boy! Us ZZ'ers do it with zombies!")

Sandy Petersen wrote:

:One obvious point is that female trolls are highly carnivorous, too.
:Perhaps males tend to bring gifts to appease potential mates.

Well, even with the presence of many gifts and Regrow Limb, I'd suspect
that, ahem, oral sex is a matter for only the bravest of male trolls...

Say, how do trolls marry? From the way the society is written up, I'd
think that either the male's mom or the local KL priestess will "arrange"

a marriage, unless the male has had the initiative to find a mate, get
found, or get out of town.

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