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- -. with a week of Digests. (is that "Darvall"?) said:

> If Ms Williams arguements...
I hate it when people call me that. Just "Jane", please. Or "Oi, you!"
will do if you feel that's too polite.
Back to the important bit.
> for Ernaldan abilities to correct congenital deformities are taken as
> true how do they affect the birth of ogres? Given the comeliness of an
> ogre one could expect those in human society to produce the odd child
> outside their own supervision. If this child is then subject to
> Ernaldan normalising magic does it become human?

Good question. As I recall, the "Gaumata's Vision" scenario involved
large numbers of ogre children being born into human society. The
Ernalda cult representation had been deliberately weakened before the
children started arriving: in fact, a TKT rep. was all that was left.
I don't think the Ernalda rite could cure a chaos taint; too easy! But
perhaps it could detect chaos and destroy the child?

> BTW great idea for SC ensuring its own racial purity. I'll steal that.
Please do.
> Maybe that's why old Ironpike is so keen to dye his beard as well,
> black hair marks him as a freak who could not be blessed (an Ogre???)
I think it marks him as being of nomad blood, actually. As for resisting
the blessing: high POW or a lousy Ceremony roll. Probably both. Remeber,
he starts life as a nobody.

> Perhaps children inherit spirits or totems from their parents which
> influence the way they look & behave.
Come to think of it, under the Pendragon rules they inherit the Family
Gift, don't they?

Someone (sorry, I forget who) suggested that midwifery is Uleria's job,
rather than Ernalda's. This sounds reasonable, but somehow niggles me.
I've never really sorted out in my mind how Uleria fits into the Orlanthi
pantheon. You've got Orlanth the king, his wife Ernalda and her
relatives, Orlanth's brothers, companions, thanes and so on: where does
Uleria come in? As one of the few deities left with an Infinity Rune of
her very own, she's hardly one of Orlanth's servants. Nor is she a
relative. So where does she fit in Orlanthi society, other than as the
subject of the biggest temple in Apple Lane?

Sandy Petersen said, among much other good stuff:
"Normal.... Babeester Gor..."

Jane Williams


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