The Clanking Ruins?

From: David Clegg (
Date: Wed 14 Jan 1998 - 05:46:48 EET

Years ago I played in a 'one-off' scenario gm'd by Sandy in the clanking
ruins. Getting on the island wasn't easy, because the sea itself is
still trying to destroy the city. I remember hiding from a gigantic
shade, fighting a dwarf patrol, and being bushwacked by a 'machine gun'
manned by some sort of dwarfish slave/construct.

>From what I remember the city was a god learner construct that was
destroyed at the end of the second age (?) by the combined efforts of
all of the Elder races (and maybe nature itself), or at least the trolls
and the dwarfs. When it was all over, everyone was supposed to leave.
The trolls left a giant shade to keep everybody out, but the dwarves in
their typically sneaky fashion didn't leave and are still plundering the
ruins of thier secrets.

Has anything been published about this event? Do any of y'all know any
more? Is there anything on the web?


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