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From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Wed 14 Jan 1998 - 10:22:00 EET

Martin Dick:

>2) In River of Cradles, it tells how rebellious peoples from the
>Lunar lands, specifically Talastari orlanthi, Redlanders and Carmanians
>have been deported to Prax (lucky people). Does anyone have any ideas
>what the reasons were beyond being rebellious, i.e what were they
>rebelling about?

Carmanians: The harsh oppressive rule of the Carmanians. These
people are not Carmanians as such but Pelandan peasants who were
conquered by the Carmanians centuries ago and have suffered ever

Orlanthi: High Taxes. Or rather taxes of any kind.

Redlanders: Opposition to corrupt oppressive undemocratic grave
- -diggers of the Goddess. They worship the Goddess but do not
consider themselves part of the Lunar Empire. Their beliefs would
be similar to the Arrolian Church written up somewhere on loren's

James Frusetta:

>Well, even with the presence of many gifts and Regrow Limb, I'd suspect
>that, ahem, oral sex is a matter for only the bravest of male trolls...

Why? AFAIK The female Uz don't worship Gorgorma and get her second
mouth spell.

Allen Wallace:

>What Gods/Cults are associated with the fertility/life rune?

Going by GoG: Aldrya, Asrelia, Chalana Arroy, Eiritha, Ernalda, Red
Goddess, Seven Mothers, Triolina, Uleria, Voria, Xiola Umbar and Yelm.
The cult of Caladra & Aurelion is mentioned as being life associated
in ToTRM#7. I'd suppose Aleshmara and Faranar would also be and
likewise Seseine and Calyz.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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