Elder Races, Orange, ZZ clubs.

From: Pasanen Panu (passo@students.cc.tut.fi)
Date: Wed 14 Jan 1998 - 12:12:05 EET

 Peter Metcalfe:

> > Yes, there are some men-and-a-half in Prax. Most Agimori are in
> > Pamaltela, though. Non-humans are also 'put away' when considered
> > from certain POV: they live in dense forests, under mountains and
> > in dark hills and mountainsides, for the three major races.
> > Draconians live in their obscure cities. Ducks in their swamps.
> > Baboons at plains, etc.
> So? Where else would you have them live? Agimori in the freezing
> wastes or elves in underground caves? Dwarves in the treetops
> and Uz in the sunny desert? The populations are there for good
> reasons and not because the authors are too unimaginative to think
> of anything else. If you want to have trolls then play in a region
> dominated by trolls.

 Why there are no Elder Races that compete with humans of 'lebensraum'
 directly and in same environment, I wonder.. The beings of 'myth' are

 hidden from the Joe Everyman, sort of.

 This is like Joseph Campbell's myth structure: to meet with fantastic
 beings of other races you have to cross a 'border', if I have
 understood it correctly.
> > I would just love it, if the Only Old One still ruled Kethaela,
> > with all those Argan Argari scuttling about in their businesses.
> Play in the Holy Country during the years 1120 to 1313 ST then.
> Or buy Tradetalk #3 when it comes out and play in Kustria.

 Oh, it's so much easier to run a campaign at 1610's. I can't be
 bothered to create so much new stuff, when PC's can go to Shadows
 Dance for similar results.
> > That's why I also love Duck Point. Having the little mean-tempered
> > quackers spices up the place tremendously.
> I don't consider Orange to be a spice...

 Right. Orange seems to be a insider joke about ducks... we noble
 creatures of air & water ignore such remarks. Quack!

 Daniel McCluskey:

> Normal Uz would make many jokes about ZZ not needing to play with his Big
> Club all the time if his little one worked properly.

 This is a very strong argument. But OTOH, fertility is so important
 to trolls that Xiola Umbar priestesses (all females? Dunno) would
 propably have something to help those unfortunate trolls. Unless
 in the Hill of Gold Yelmalio's Fiery Spear castrated ZZ, of course.

 Panu Pasanen.


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