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Date: Wed 14 Jan 1998 - 21:20:10 EET

Martin Dick asked:

> 1) Are there any other sources on the Culbrea tribe in Sartar
> other than Heroes of Wisdom and king of Sartar (which has very
> or has anyone any ideas on what they are like?

If you have access to WWW you can take a look at my homepage at:
and get my version of the Culbrea tribe.

But please note that my stuff differs from the version presented
in Heroes of Wisdom. I started my campaign at least two years
before Ingo had published his version, and I never bothered to
reconcile the differences. I suppose Heroes' overall history of
the tribe could be added to my own notes.

On my page you will find notes on the various clans; a king-list
in the style of the one for Colymar in KoS; quite a few rumours,
hooks and "hand-outs" on the tribe in the 1610's as well as a
full-colour map of the tribal lands.


Patrik Sandberg


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