Life Cults

Date: Wed 14 Jan 1998 - 21:14:48 EET

<<What Gods/Cults are associated with the fertility/life rune?>>

Asrelia - the Crone
Caladra & Aurelion - the Volcano Twins
Chalana Arroy - goddess of healing
Ernalda - the Earth Mother
Voria - the Virgin

Eiritha - herd mother

The Red Goddess
The Seven Mothers
Deezola * - goddess of healing
Teelo Norri * - goddess of innocence

Erissa * - goddess of healing
Lesilla * - Bearer of Life
Naveria * - goddess of women
Oria * - the Earth Mother
Surensliba * - the heron goddess
Uleria - goddess of love/sexuality
Yelm - sun god & Emperor of the Universe

Aleshmara * - keeper of the Basket of Life
Nyanka * - goddess of childbirth

Aldrya - elven goddess of the woods
Korasting * - troll fertility goddess
Sidana * - broo goddess of incest/fertility
Tholiana * - mother of sea beasts
Triolina - mother of aquatic life
Xiola Umbar - troll goddess of healing/comfort

    Deities marked with an asterisk have not AFAIK, been published with their
runes listed. However, these are deities that I feel are likely to possess the
Life rune. The list is certainly not complete, and some guesses may well be
wrong. I have excluded deities which, AFAIK, are no longer worshipped in
significant numbers (there's a whole bunch of Dara Happan/Pelandan
possibilities there).
     A number of the Hsunchen deities probably hold the Life rune, as will
many eastern deities about which we know relatively little. Also, many of the
gods listed have very similar counterparts elsewhere (who may or may not be
the same deity). For instance, Somash and Kargzant may both hold the Life
rune, since they are solar deities like Yelm (or they may not ;-)).
     It's interesting to note that the Grain Goddesses *don't* hold the Life
rune - or at least, many of them don't according to the Cults Book in GoG.

Forward the glorious Red Army!


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