elder races

From: David Cake (davidc@cyllene.uwa.edu.au)
Date: Thu 15 Jan 1998 - 04:16:12 EET

Pasu asked
> Why there are no Elder Races that compete with humans of 'lebensraum'
> directly and in same environment, I wonder.

        The Aldryami do compete directly with humans, its just they do it
by changing the environment to suit them. They expand the forests, rather
than expanding beyond the forests. The have deliberately engineered large
expansions into human territory at several times in the past, and the
humans have likewise expanded in their territory several times. Most of the
(considerable) tension between the races is due such incidents (the Skyburn
and the Moonburn being the most obvious and extreme examples, but there are
dozens of others).

        And the troll also actually compete with humans for territory - its
just that in general, since the curse of kin at least, they do it
unsuccessfully. Scary as trolls are, humans outbreed them and are more




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