Pavis the Half-Elf

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Date: Thu 15 Jan 1998 - 05:41:20 EET

Scotty, Baron Von Moosehsunchen
>Now, all I need is a clever way to get rid of that annoying "part-elf"

Well, technically, Pavis' mother was a dryad, not an elf, so calling him
a half-elf is partly a linguistic thing, though most male children born
to dryads are elves, it is true. Does that help you?

Loren Miller
>However, there aren't too
>many scorpions or serpents in a snowy land like Carmania.

This may not be true -- History of the Lunar Empire, 0 Wane, has the
Carmanians summoning a Scorpion-like deity or monster at the Battle of
the Four Arrows of Light. This entity is native to Ssar-on-Gror, which
turns out to be the area to the north of the Sweet Sea.

Stephen Martin
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