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Tim Ellis
>Among these are two Telmori ones. Both of them can't be cast on certain
>moon phases. Yet Dorastor containing a far more complete Telmor write-up
>doesn't mention a word on these. I would like what most of you people
>believe is to be true.

>Stephen's answes notwithstanding, To have Telmor's magic linked to
>phases of the Red Moon begs the question what happened prior to the Red
>Godess taking her place in the heavens?

Simple -- the limitations were then, as now, based on the actual
Elemental day of the week: full use on Wildday, only one of the spells
available on the days farthest from Wildday. Although I admit this _is_ a
cyclic phenomena, and so would be claimed as falling under the influence
of the Red Moon solely because of this, such claims don't make it so.

This is why the notes in The Book of Drastic Resolutions, Volume Chaos,
specify the "true" day of the week, listing the Moon phases in
parentheses as an aid to remembering them.

A further point: many people are claiming that the Telmori transform on
certain days because of a connection with the Red Moon. Logically, if
this is true, it would be the Red Moon whose day was influenced by the
Telmori, not the reverse, since they do seem to predate the Red Moon
within Time.

>Since the "Changed Ones" - at least in Dragon Pass - are apparantly the
>result of HeroQuesting by Ostling Four-Wolf &/or Sartar, and thus after
>the ascenscion of the Red Moon, there is no reason why she should not
>have some effect on their magic - opinions as to why she should will
>obviously vary depending on who you ask!

You seem to have cause and effect a little mixed up here. Just because B
occurs after A, doesn't mean that B is a result of A. This would be like
saying that because the Red Moon rose soon after the Closing, that it is
a result of the Closing.

There are a lot of reasons why the Red Moon should not have an effect on
the HQ done by Sartar and Ostling Four-Wolf, not the least of which is
that Sartar, as an Orlanthi of the time, viewed the Red Goddess as a
wound in Orlanth's body. Why would that have any effect on his quest?

If the Red Goddess had any sort of mythical or iconographical link to
wolves, I could accept a possible link because she could fit into the
quest. But there seems little reason to suppose that she has a link just
because of the fact that she was in the sky when the quest was performed.

Stephen Martin
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