Vormain, Pavic dwarfs, Carmania

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Peter Metcalfe
>>Per the Oceans Book, the imperial capital of Vormain is on the isle
>>Belgeng. The name of the city is not given.

>It might be Edomiyo which is shown on the Elder Secrets map.

Ah, thank you -- I knew that was mentioned somewhere, I just couldn't
remember where it would be if not in Oceans.

>>Other important islands are [...] Heicidik (which is
>>where the nonhuman race of Quombs comes from)

>What information does it give about the Quombs?

Not a whole lot. I believe Quombs are mentioned in passing in the
Gloranthan Bestiary. Here is the entire entry:

"this isle is inhabited by the enslaved nonhuman Quombs, who never eat or
sleep. Sadly, once removed from their home island, the Quombs soon sicken
and die, and are permanently weakened even if soon returned home.
Similarly, any humans visiting this island rapidly wastes away. If he
leaves before he dies, he is never as good a man as before."

Makes you wonder how the Quombs can be enslaved, actually. But the entry
does go on:

"Periodically, the Prince of Worcha imports Quombs as suicide labor for
work projects or export."

Hmm, depending on how long the Quombs take to die, this could be a cool
plot hook -- see an enslaved Quomb, try to get him back home before he

Oh, please note that the Prince of Worcha is an exiled prince from one of
the three main islands of Vormain. Thus, I assume that the enslavement of
the Quombs may only be a recent event.

Erik Sieurin
>Of course the Closhandist heresy is viewed as such by all
>right-thinking dwarves, and no doubt many dwarves go apostate as a
>result (beginning to feel human-like emotions, not necessarily
>pleasant), but their policy increases the production of
>dwarf-prototypes enough to compensate for this - or at least they say

A very interesting compromise, having the Pavic dwarfs practice at
producing new dwarf units. I could also see some of them going apostate
by trying to reproduce (sorry) the original act of procreation with a
human, only by trying to do it the, er, hard way.

Loren's ideas on Carmanian monsters are both original and interesting. I
agree that both snakes and scorpions might be found in Carmanian
mythology. I must say, though, that I dislike the mosquito men -- just
seems to DnDish for my tastes. And I agree with Dave Dunham that the
Owlbear is much cooler in Carmania than in DnDland.

Stephen Martin
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