Gloranthans and Pain

Date: Thu 15 Jan 1998 - 01:49:51 EET

Peter Metcalfe wrote on HoTSA:

>>Well, even with the presence of many gifts and Regrow Limb, I'd suspect
>>that, ahem, oral sex is a matter for only the bravest of male trolls...
>Why? AFAIK The female Uz don't worship Gorgorma and get her second
>mouth spell.
Actually, I was thinking the first mouth is the problem. Chomp. What male
troll is going to volunteer to venture his naughty bits near a cranky,
tusked, short-sighted and perpetually hungry female troll? Other forms
of OS are at the direction of the female troll (who probably doesn't trust
a tusked, short-sighted, cranky and hungry male troll...).

On a different topic -- I was re-reading an old Larry Niven story
recently, and one digression within might have an interesting insight on
Glorantha. To wit, in most of Niven's stories medical care is so common
and available (the "autodoc") that few people *need* to deal with pain --
if you hurt yourself, you have the injury tended to in a minute or two at
the most.

Is this true of Glorantha? Healing spells would seem IMO to be the first
spell a Gloranthan would learn. Does Healing also numb the pain of
wounds? And if so, does this mean that Joe Glorantha suffers "less" pain
correspondingly than Joe RW, because injuries will quickly be Healed?

(This could be taken the other way as well -- if Healing doesn't give
solace to pain, then Gloranthans experience *more* of it -- since a
Gloranthan will discover that minor injuries can be healed, and may not be
as worried about such minor gashes and such.)

It also leaves open the question of whether or not Healing can help with
the pain of childbirth (probably not, considering Solace), disease, pain
spirit possession and age -- so there would still be several ways that
they'd still experience pain.

Still, I wonder -- when a brand new, 16 year old PC gets a nasty wound in
their first adventuring battle, should this be a startling and shocking
experience in terms of pain (aside from the experience of having Big Nasty
Things hack at you).

James Frusetta


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