Sun Domer Racial Purity

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G'day all,

Sun Domer Racial Purity

Jane Williams said:

>I don't think the Ernalda rite could cure a chaos taint; too easy! But
>perhaps it could detect chaos and destroy the child?

Someone else:
>> BTW great idea for SC ensuring its own racial purity. I'll steal that.

Of course, the Sun Domers already have a means of ensuring racial purity
through their cult geases, as this old joke tells:

Q: Why do all Sun Domers have brown eyes and blonde hair?

A: Because those who ain't get "Total Celibacy".

BTW, Jane Williams has written a fabulous interpretation/expose of the
politco-dynastic-sexual shenanigans going on at the Sun Dome Temple. If
you want know the *real story* of why Count Solanthos favours the boys,
whether Lady Vega is really a man in drag (and just what did go on on her
wedding night to Lord Invictus), and why the cult has rules forbidden men
to dress up as women, you'll have to get QUESTLINES II, available at
Glorantha Con Down Under (next week: get your entries in if you ain't
already! <>), and shortly
after from your local Reaching Moon Megacorp rep.



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