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Michael Raaterova:

>Aren't all dwarfs somewhat closedhanded considering that they all have bad

I believe that the matter of bad eyesight has been looked into and
traced to a nutritional deficiency caused by too much tool handling.
Because of the extreme haste in designing of the Clay Mostali, it
was necessary to alter the normal psychosexual development of the
prototype so that the resulting dwarves were 'tool-retentive'. This
alternation has filfulled the stated objective of improving job
satisfaction and thus minimising disruptions to the Schedule through
sheer boredom. It is indeed fortunate that only documented side
- -effect is the poor eyesight.

Accordingly the Tin Mostali are remedying this by incorporating a
salty white fluid which they refer to as 'Jerked Syrup' into the
tinned food.

Richard Ohlson:

>Ok, that taken care of, I was wondering if anybody can tell me WHEN the
Hero >Wars are supposed to come to an end. What's the State of the Lunar
Empire >after that big dragon shows up, and just how screwed up Esrolia is

For the date of the Hero Wars, King of Sartar (the title of
the book you lent to a friend) gives a date of 1733 ST which is
when Argrath apotheosized.

The Lunar Empire is still around for a while yet after the rise
of the Brown Dragon.

Esrolia: is in deep trouble. Historically its armies have been
crap and relied on numbers and fortifications and the rest of
the pharoah's forces. Now bereft of the pharoah and torn by
civil war and barbarian invasions, it's in deep doodoos. Matters
will improve after 1624 ST when the Warm Earth Alliance kicks
the Lunars out and presumably winning the Civil War. In 1628,
Argrath is named Protector of the Holy Country leaving the Wolf
Pirates as the only serious threat left.

Dragon Pass: Detailed in KoS. Going from what can be reconstructed
in Argrath's Saga, the Lunars lose Sartar in 1625 having already
lost Prax and parts of the Holy Country earlier that year. Argrath
intervenes in a Tarshite Civil War in 1631 and leaves it in the
hands of Mularik Ironeye. He loses Tarsh and Dragon Pass a few
years later at the Battle of Yoran in 1634 before regaining Dragon
Pass at least at the Battle of Dwernapple in 1638/39*. He's making
alliances with Holay in the early 1640s indicating that either lunar
provincial government was falling apart or (more probable IMO) a
province was surreptiously trying to weaken Tarsh for its own
benefit. Sort of like how the French allied with the Turks against
the Holy Roman Empire (of course the Emperor also made an alliance
with the Persians against the Turks...).

Sooner or later, the Empire decides to kick Argrath's head in for
once and for all and leads a bloody huge army. Argrath leaves
Harrek in charge and buggers off on the LBQ. The date of this is
supposedly in the late 1670's on the basis of _one_ document. I
prefer to treat this date as complete bollox and think that the
LBQ would have taken place at least twenty years earlier (ie 1650).

Sheng Seleris becomes Lord of the Shadowmoon Empire before Argrath
defeats him. How long his rule is, nobody knows for certain. The
only thing I am confident of, is that his rule ends before 1679
which would be the end of the eight wane and the final victory of
the Goddess (described on Nick's webpage). Hmm. Perhaps the events
of the eighth wane is really the previous seven wanes in reverse
leading to the blissful zeroth wane?

[*] Two different dates for this engagement are given by two very
reliable people with seemingly contradictory results. CHDP claims
a victory for Argrath in 1638 with his left destroyed whereas
Minaryth Blue who would have been in the _centre_ notes that his
entire company was wiped out at Dwernapple in 1639. I think that
we have _two_ engagements at Dwernapple, the result of which was
Tarsh became Lunar as per the Dragon Pass boardgame.

Talastar: Razalkark leads massive raids out of Dorastor which
sparks Hahlgrim's War which eventually results in Ralzalkark's
death. I think that Ralzalkark was the one with the scorpion arm
and not the unicorn emperor. A few years later more raids start
out of Dorastor and the Bilini under Oddi the Keen actually *join*
them in an attempt to loot the Lunar Empire. It fails dismally
(the lunars don't even notice it) and Oddi dies heroically in
Dorastor soon afterwards. Thereafter I assume, the major source
of Chaos in Dorastor is stilled.

East: There are major problems with the nomads. Two nomad leaders
are known: the Bronze-sworded Prophet and Dranz Goloi, King of the
Wings. And of course Good Ol' Sheng comes back thanks to the
Brightest Man in Glorantha.

Chargg: Something nasty comes out of here but I don't know what.


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