Rod of Correction

From: Michael O'Brien (
Date: Thu 15 Jan 1998 - 18:03:38 EET

G'day all,

Rod of Correction

>Erik Sieurin:
>>Read Enclosure for more fiendish dwarven plans, in 'The Eye of
> ^^^^^^^^^
>>Wakboth', if Michael Raateroova hasn't changed his marvelous ideas...

Michael Raaterova:
>That would be Questlines II, If MOB hasn't changed his marvellous ideas.

Aha, yet another chance to shamelessly plug QUESTLINES II! Yep, Mike's
splendid piece of paranoic conspiracy theorism is indeed in QLII (as is
another piece from him about Farpoint). Have I told everyone you can get
your copy at Glorantha Con Down Under next weekend, or from your local
Reaching Moon rep shortly after? This, and a further 92 pages of
'undiluted Gloranthan gold' for only $A18.00.* Get your orders in now!



*the way the Aussie dollar is going, in the wake of the Asian currency
meltdown, in about six months time A$18 will probably be worth about US$4 -
though about 40,000,000 Thai baht or 97 trillion Indon ringits...

>From the Notes from Nochet files:

[XXIX.12-77,eth.bpa/biog.12#4] The fabulous conceit of Sir Ethelrist, the
immortal Lord of Blackhorse County whose rise from humble beginnings to
Herodom is chronicled in his "History of my Black Horse Troop", is famous.
It can be truly said that he is a self-made man, who worships his own

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